struggles of a 10 month old

Hank has been sick and teething for the last week and a half. Fun combination. Progress has been made though. As you can see (maybe) in the photo below... That tiny little white spot in his mouth is a tooth! We were a little worried that he might not get teeth ever(?)... And I'd be pureeing foods for him the rest of his life. But here's the photographic evidence...
wanna see my tooth?


Mr. Independent

Sir is no longer happy being fed. Sir would prefer to feed himself, thank you very much!


my poor, neglected house

This is what my living room window and ceiling fan used to look like.
Yes, a 90's white speckled (!) fan and dirty vertical blind.
They are no more!

New window treatments!

And a gorgeous new fan... With a light!

I need to thank my husband for breaking the old fan... Without him busting it, trying unsuccessfully to fix it, and then installing the new one we would still be stuck in the 90's.

The window treatments are my (early) birthday gift to myself. I'm turning 30 in a little more than a month, and I have the urge to have a more grown-up, finished looking home. I was also guided by this at Young House Love. Their whole house is very well done. My window was done with stuff from Target, rather than Ikea, but the blinds are from Wal-Mart as well.

Unfortunately I can't show a picture of the living room as a whole, because it looks like Fisher-Price threw up in here, but just imagine calm, tranquil, "adult." That's what I try to do as I trip over 9,000 colorful blocks and noise-making toys. Love ya Hank!