on being 26 weeks pregnant

I rarely talk about anything remotely personal on this blog. (I mean true personal feelings, not life events.) But today I am feeling compelled to say something about being pregnant. Must be the hormones.
Eric is obsessed with Adam Carolla. Obsessed. And Adam Carolla had a morning show with a woman named Teresa Strasser. So naturally, Eric points me in her direction because she is pregnant as well. So I spent a bit of time today looking at her blog. And came away feeling extremely smug about my pregnancy. Is that wrong? Maybe.
But it's not just her. It's all the pregnancy garbage I feel compelled to read/look at/sift through. And the feeling of how it is all designed to make us feel guilty about the choices we make. Like picking a car seat has to be an epic battle of emotion and stress. Ridiculous. Not Teresa. She herself is no more ridiculous than anyone else, and honestly probably less so because she has the guts to admit how she feels. But ridiculous that pregnancy and birth has to be so judged, picked at, generally uncomfortable. Because honestly. Does it really matter if I have a cup of coffee? Or buy the carseat that's on sale? Or get an epidural? No. Not to anyone else but me.
So, back to feeling smug. Maybe that's the wrong word. It's probably the wrong tone at least. I think what I am feeling smug (lucky?) about is that generally I am at peace with this whole process. And I'm not apologizing to anyone about that. Sorry. You can't make me feel bad about feeling happy with my decisions and my path. And if I am drinking a caffeinated soda during my 12(!) hour night shift your disapproving look rolls right off. And you can't make me do anything I don't want to do. Especially if I'm putting my feet up.

Edited to add:
There's a great conversation going on in the comments section of this post on Dooce today. I absolutely especially love #59.


doin' some stuff...

I don't think it's nesting... Not yet, but I have been surprisingly motivated lately. I am all of the sudden feeling the need to organize and finish painting this house! When we moved in we (I) painted the master bedroom, office (baby's room), one bathroom, kitchen and downstairs rec. (Eric's) room. But there is still another bathroom, bedroom and the main hallways left to do. So this week I am finally picking paint for the bedroom and halls, and finishing a few paint things in the kitchen. Not to mention working on various baby projects and getting on my husband's case about organizing!
And have I mentioned Bucky? He lives downstairs in the spare bedroom... and he's finally going away!! I'm not sure how many coats of primer it will take (I'm up to 4 so far), but he's on his way out! I promise to put something cool up in his place, but patience please, patience.Ooooh... And I picked up some chalkboard paint at Home Depot too. Fun stuff in store!