Stauffachers :)

"C" is for...

I guess "kitty" doesn't really start with a C.

Been a busy week so far... Summer has a way of doing that, doesn't it? Sunday we went to a going-away party for Eric's sister Jenni. She's moving to Texas! Brave girl. I couldn't move out of state... Had a hard enough time with Milwaukee, obviously! We got to spend time with the whole Stauffacher family, and that's where we got to see the cutie above. Yesterday we drove to Milwaukee after work to catch the Brewers get beat by the Cubs. Nice. It was embarrassing. Then we got to finish cleaning our apartment there. Last time we ever have to worry about a security deposit! Yay! And tonight we're going to see the newest Stauffacher... He was born Monday, so he's still a brand new little one. Hopefully I'll have some pics later. He's a cutie from what I've seen so far.

And it's only Wednesday! This week seems like it's 2 weeks long!


sheets are here!

They rock! Now I just have to figure out what to sew with them...

I was thinking maybe an apron, maybe the edging on a valance, maybe a wristlet... Many possibilities. Elizabeth is posting new projects on her blog too, so I may have to try some of those! Even the card she tucked in the package was cute!

The little wire it's hanging on is something I finally got Eric to help me put up. It's from Ikea. Supposed to be for hanging curtains, but works beautifully for pictures and such. Thanks, Amber for the idea... Now I just need to work on making my craft room look as good as hers!


this corner makes me happy!

this corner makes me happy!
I can finally put out my treasures! I LOVE how everything is turning out in the kitchen...


sewing corner


Finally, a little space just for my sewing stuff. It doesn't have to share with anything else! I can't wait to do some projects. This room is just begging for curtains, but I think I'm going to wait and get some of Heather Bailey's new fabric when it comes out later this month. I also need a little valance or something for the kitchen. I'm going to wait on that until I paint in there though. I'm worried it might end up looking really dark in the kitchen with the new paint color, so I might need a lighter window treatment. We'll see. I haven't quite worked up the nerve to start painting the kitchen yet. There's SO much trimming and edging to do in there. Cabinets, countertops, weird wall angles, etc. Should be loads of fun!


2 down, 4 to go

I'm so proud of myself! Yesterday I got a bug up my ass and painted the entire spare bedroom upstairs myself. It's the room for my sewing machine and our computer right now. I picked another Martha Stewart color and the match is pretty good. It is a little overwhelming right now, just a lot of green with nothing to break it up, but I'll hang some stuff up and add some curtains eventually.

I am LOVING a couple of new fabric collections right now (for curtains). Heather Bailey has a new collection, and Anna Maria Horner has a new one as well. Check out the link for Heather Bailey's... I love the music that goes with her slideshow! Now I just have to figure out which fabric stores in Madison will carry these beauties, maybe I can save myself the shipping costs.

I was noticing how it looks kind of goofy just having a picture of the paint color with nothing else in the picture the last two posts, but you'll have to bear with me. The rooms are still a MESS... Once I have this place put together a little more I'll put up a bunch of "after" pics.



For the first time either of us have ever painted, I think we did pretty darn good. We decided to do our master bedroom first. Here's the color. It looked green as it was drying, but it turned out pretty darn close to the chip. I'll post some more pictures once we put the room back together.

In other house related news, Eric mowed the lawn for the first time today. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, and even more when I know I don't have to cut it!


Happy Birthday dear Eric,

Happy Birthday to you!

what a week...

Well, we closed on our house Wednesday and moved Saturday. I finished working in Milwaukee yesterday. Yikes. I feel like I haven't sat down in a week! Our house is a disaster, boxes everywhere. I'm going to try to make a dent in them this weekend. Have to start painting too!

I think the thing that I have learned so far about owning a home is that the work will never stop. There's a yard to mow, weeds to pull, things to fix, walls to paint, etc, etc, for 30 years! But at least it's ours, right?