more pyrex of course

Just a pretty dish I picked up this weekend. I have guilt though, cuz it's just one more thing to pack!

We went to Ikea today to pick up a kitchen table and chairs. We ended up getting a different one than I had planned, but it's bigger and even has a leaf! We were laughing on the way home because I said that having a table with a leaf made me feel more adult than being engaged or buying a house...


vintage fabric swap

As I've been hunting for pyrex lately at various thrift stores, I've also been looking for fabric for a swap over at Oh Fransson. I finally found a piece of vintage fabric (it's not a sheet), but I love it and I'm mailing it out tomorrow! I only had enough for 8 fat quarters, but I figure 8 in return will be plenty. I have enough fabric as it is! I'm hoping to get some really great stuff in return though. There are some really cool ones in her Flickr pool. I love this one the most, but there are a lot of really cool fabrics. She also promised some projects on her site, so I'm looking forward to that as well.

I'm also looking forward to being able to sew something again! I can not wait to move and have my life (and house!) put together again. We close Wednesday. I can't believe it's less than a week now. Yikes!


pyrex and such

More Goodwill finds.

Can you see how dark it is behind these pictures? I took them at about 3pm today. There are hella thunderstorms and tornadoes here today. Fantastic! Hopefully we won't get blown away :)

*edited to add...
Well, we ended up spending about 45 minutes down in our underground parking area. I HATE tornadoes! Thank god Eric was with me :)