napping and a to-do list

They're even cuter when they are sleeping. And quiet. Yes, both of them :)

So what's to-do?

Going garage sale-ing (sp?) tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Crazy people in this town start their sales on Wednesday. Crazy.
Debating whether to put new carpet in our living room. The stuff we have is pretty nasty. Stained and not super soft. Would be nice to have new stuff for H to crawl on.
Dreaming about organization. I cleaned out my closet this past weekend and took 3 gigundo garbage bags of clothes to goodwill today. Yikes. I need to go through the rest of the house and do some more de-cluttering. Little fingers will soon be grabbing everything. And putting said things in mouth.
Figuring out how to/where to put baby gates in our crazy little tri-level. Not easy. Or cheap.
Trying to talk my husband into painting our common areas this color. And having him do the painting. Ha! I'll keep working on that one...


flashes of a child

I think I can sometimes see what this baby is going to look like as he grows... So serious, a little more adult here. Nose is a little less baby-like. Gah. Crazy to think that soon he will eat. And move. And walk. And run. And talk.
A little man. My little man.


Plan To Eat

I enjoy cooking. Don't get me wrong. But I so easily get stuck in a rut, cooking the same 4 or 5 things over and over. And yet I read food blogs, and watch tons of cooking shows, and own many cookbooks, and get cooking magazines (you get the picture)... And I still cook the same 4 or 5 things. The shame!

So I went looking for a tool to help me break out of the rut. And found Plan To Eat. It's a cool service that lets you upload or import recipes from your computer or straight from many websites. So now, instead of cluttering up my bookmarks with a zillion recipes that I never get around to trying I can put them all in one spot. And then plan a menu for a week, or month, or however long I want, complete with an ingredient/grocery list! Fantastic. It's really a pretty cool service, and the online support is really good too. Love when I find something that makes life a little easier!