up-close and personal

Hello again, little one. Still has hands in front of face all the time... I think we may have a thumb/finger sucker?? We'll have to see I guess...
Eric thinks it's a boy, just from looking at the face and because the baby is moving all the time. He doesn't think a girl could have that much energy. I can certainly tell him this girl doesn't have that kind of energy, but I think we can all appreciate where all my energy has been going lately! Takes a lot out of a person to grow another person!



Look! It's a baby in there!

That's just a couple of pics, I have more here... The little stinker had his/her hands in front of his/her face the entire ultrasound. Cute, but frustrating to the poor tech. She kept wiggling the probe to make him/her move, but no luck. Everything looks good though, and I volunteered to go back in a couple weeks to be a victim for a fetal heart ultrasound training. And they promised more 4D pictures so that's cool. I don't think it will get old looking at that cute face, no matter how grainy/goofy it looks!


baby blanket again

Just another little crocheted blanket. This one is literally little though. It will probably work for a
carseat blanket, but not much else! Cute though...