magazine holder thingee

I made a lovely magazine holder thingee...

It's actually kind of cool, but I haven't figured out how I'm going to hang it yet. Right now it's hanging with thumbtacks, but that doesn't seem terribly classy.

Ah well, I'll probably end up buying some other sort of crafting kit or thing to hang it with. I was packing away my fabrics and other assorted crafting stuff yesterday and I couldn't believe the stuff I have gathered just since Christmas. I have a snap masher thing and a button making kit and piles of trim and buttons and on and on... It kind of scares me to think if I keep sewing how much stuff I'll have in a couple years... (I think it scares Eric too!)


can he swing from a web? no he can't, he's a pig...

We went to the Simpson's movie last night. It was hilarious. Spider pig is by far my favorite part. I couldn't stop laughing. And at the end they have the spider pig song sung by a whole chorus... So funny! It was definitely worth seeing. So that was all the fun we're allowed to have this weekend... Now it's off to organize and pack some more...


sad corkboard...

:( So apparently my sewing machine won't sew through corkboard. Who knew?? I gues when I upgrade to a new machine (a long, long time from now), I'll have to ask the salesperson, "does your machine sew through corkboard?" And they will give me a funny look. But then I will show them the adorable corkboard project on craftapple. And they will completely understand. So here's what I am left with...

I guess I could try to hand sew the top on, but I know I will make a horrible mess. We'll see I suppose.


oh, and a wristlet too

I made a little stripey wristlet this week too (leftover fabric from Julie's bag). It has credit card slots inside (as you can see). I was going to use it at the Brewer game but I forgot... So I need to take it out this weekend. I want to go see the Simpsons movie for sure, so it should get some use.

moving and more brewers

So we're moving soon...

I forgot how much I love packing and moving! Right... So that's my project for the next couple weeks. Organizing and getting rid of stuff. I'm trying to figure out if I can donate our entertainment center and have someone else come and pick it up. Because it is definitely not entertaining to do it myself...

And we went to another Brewer game Friday night. They lost, so it really wasn't that great. It was Gorman Thomas bobble head night too.

As you can tell from the picture Eric's bobble head did about as well as the Brewers. He's pissed. I think the amputee look is kind of classy, but I think he's going to try to gorilla glue it. Hmmm.... Could be quite the project.


my boys

Game was good today. 4-3 Brewers (of course)! Here's a couple pictures of Prince too. The first one is from our seats (nosebleed obviously). The second one is from Ryan and Hailey's seats (we moved down in the 8th). Can you tell the difference?? Anyways, definitely a good day, just a little sunburned... We're going Friday night too and sitting in even cheaper seats!? Should be fun (if we can see anything)...

(and here's my favorite boy of course)


Eric's new passion...

Washer Toss!

He's very happy with his new game. He put it together and painted the washers. Very manly! We're going to a Brewer game Sunday, so it should get some breakin' in...


bag for Julie

Here's Julie's purse. Eric's sisters both wanted bags and now I'm done with both... So, it's on to the next project.

To Catch A Thief

We went to the Times Cinema Saturday and saw "To Catch A Thief." It's a Hitchcock movie. It was pretty good (better than most new stuff anyways). But probably not my favorite Hitchcock. We also saw "Knocked Up" last weekend. It was good too, but definitely in a different way. Very funny. Weird that we haven't been to a movie in months, and then go to two in two weekends. So hot out though... Nice and cool in the theaters!

making stuff

So, I sew. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and I can't stop making stuff...
I love the curtains, but we're moving soon and I'm sure they won't fit in the new kitchen. I've been carrying the brown purse for a while now... I think I need to make a new one soon. I'm sure I'll put it up.
I have a ton of projects I need to do too. I started a list today, but I imagine the list will grow faster than the pictures over here of finished stuff!


Spider Pig From The Simpsons Movie Trailer

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Family Guy - Rock Lobster

Who doesn't love a little rock lobster??

the start of something...

hmm, maybe I should start a blog... Then I could put up pictures and write down my innermost thoughts for all the world to see. That would be fantastic! Yes, I should do that now! If only I could figure a way... Oh. Right. Well, I guess now I'll have to think of something smart and clever to write... (it may be a while before my next post)