tote for toting totables

Ahhh... A little sewing therapy never hurt anybody. Here's the cheerful end product of my bad mood. A GIGANTIC tote for the GIGANTIC binder. And it is huge. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's a biggie.

Here's one of the inside with the dreaded binder...
And plenty of room for... Well, damn near anything would fit in this monster!

guess what kind of mood I'm in...

Ever have a day when you just can NOT snap yourself out of a mood? I tried to go spend some time at my mecca (duh, Target). Which did not help. Went to the fabric store, and the guy, (weird, right? guy working at fabric store? anyways...) who checked me out told me to do him a favor and smile. Embarrassing, right? Ugh. Love it when you can't keep your mood off your face. Always nice to know you look as good as you feel, right?

So I'm trying to sew myself out of my funk. A tote bag, because did I tell you? I started a new "job" this week. My boss asked me to participate in this "research" project. Which is not so much "research," as much as a way for the company I work for to make more money by re-designing some software. With input from me and some other nurses. I am as-yet undecided how I feel about it. But I need a tote bag. Because I now have to carry around a GIGANTIC binder that weighs like 10 pounds 2 or 3 days a week. Right. Cuz I didn't already have back/neck issues. God, could I bitch any more??? Sorry. I will try to refrain from blogging until said mood has lifted...


and you should too

I have to work from 7am to 7:30pm on Tuesday, which makes voting that day kind of difficult, so I trekked out into downtown today to vote "absentee in person." I don't want to make a huge deal about it, but I do want to say I'm supporting Obama. I feel like he is the candidate who honestly will try to make the "change" that everyone is stumping about actually happen. He has new eyes, and I hope he has not yet been jaded or influenced by the powers in Washington. So anyways, even if you don't support him, go out and vote on Tuesday (or before)... You'll get a rockin' sticker, and have your voice heard!

In other news... Shhhh! don't tell Eric, I got him a waffle iron for Valentine's day. Very romantic, I know. No, seriously, he's been on this kick about wanting good waffles, so I'm going to try to surprise him with a batch tonight. Wish me luck... I've never made waffles from scratch before.


Ever been to Fun World?

Well, we have. Those lights you see there are the spokes of a FULL size indoor ferris wheel! We skipped the wheel, but did the indoor 18 hole mini-golf and played many, many arcade games. And ate pizza. All in all a very "fun" Fun World time. (by the way, I kicked Eric's ass at mini-golf!)

As a side note here, you may notice the snow scattered about on this picture... Right. It snowed another inch or two last night to add to the 17 inches we got the other day. Nice. I just wanted to mention the fact that my car has not been moved out of the underground parking spot it lives in since Tuesday except to confirm that it was stuck on Thursday morning by driving halfway up the driveway repeatedly and only spinning its wheels. At least I have a lovely boyfriend who has 4 wheel drive and is willing to drive me to work, huh? Ah, Spring, when will you arrive??


could this be any cooler??

I think not. It matches my Martha stuff like they were made for each other... A match made in heaven of course! Now I must make cake! Lots and lots of cake!