this is how much I love him...

And all his many hats...

I'm missing you, honey.


So my computer crashed the biggest crash possible last Sunday. Had to go to Best Buy and get special discs ordered and get COMPLETELY wiped off. Yuck. Teaches me for not backing up my stuff, huh? Ah well, what are you going to do? But anyways, it's back now, not too much harm done. I think most of the pictures I love the most are salvageable from one web place or another (thank god for Flickr and Picasa). I'm still in the process of putting all the settings back to where I want them. But other than that... Not too much is new.

I did manage to read two books from the library this week between working 14 hours of overtime. Amazing what you can done when you're not sitting in front of your computer, huh? I also managed to find out that one of my co-workers' brother is a manager at Sherwin Williams, so we're getting a great deal on paint. And I'm having them color-match my colors from the Martha Stewart line at Lowe's (which are soooo gorgeous). So that's a nice piece of news. Now I just have to figure out how to paint! It can't be that hard, can it? Always looks easy on those HGTV shows, right? Hmmm...


wanna see it?

It's lovely.

It doesn't seem real yet, we don't close until July 3rd. I just hope everything is OK with the inspection and final financing. So nerve-wracking, you know? The yard looks much better now than in this picture. The grass is greener and the trees are budding. I'll take more pics (I stole this one from the MLS listing) when we go for the inspection this week. We went to Home Depot yesterday just to walk around and price stuff, and all I could think was that it was finally appropriate for me to be in that store... Being a "homeowner" and all :)

We'll see how happy I am in a couple of months after painting the thing and paying a mortgage payment!


who's a homeowner?

I am!!!

new obsession

As you may have noticed, I've taken up a new hobby... Collecting vintage pyrex pieces. Just what I need, right? More breakable stuff to have to move! But really, when you have a fiance like Eric who enjoys frequenting flea markets, auctions, rummage sales, thrift stores, and so on... You almost have to find something to poke around for too. While he's looking at records and ugly (don't tell him I said that) furniture from the 70's, I'm pawing through 5 million old plates, mugs, vases, etc. to find...
These lovelies. I have a bunch more, but these are my current favorites. You like? We're going to this awesome rummage sale in Brookfield this weekend too, so I'll post more if I find some. Check out the Pyrex Love pool on Flickr to see other people's much cooler pieces too...

House update: No news is good news? They have until midnight tonight... *holds breath*


offer, counter offer

So do you watch any of those addictive home shows on TLC or HGTV? Well, I do. Obsessively. And I'm not ashamed. Anyways... What I'm getting at here is you know how you watch these people debate over this house or that house, or this paint color or that paint color, or whatever they are debating about... And then the TV magically cuts to a commercial and then tells you in 3 minutes what happens with their "house-hunt?" Right. So pretend this is that.

[insert commercial here]

Next post... House, or not. Stay tuned! *crosses fingers*