looking back...

Well, as promised, here's a look at what I did in my first year of sewing...

2007 in review (in no particular order)
Well, there you go.

And it's really not everything I've made... Just most of the stuff I felt was worth putting up somewhere... So take that Eric! (he thought I would never use the sewing machine he bought me for Christmas last year. Ha!)

looking ahead...

So I have this hunch that 2008 will be filled with a certain type of planning... But I can't get into that too much now, so stay tuned for updates. Sorry for the cryptic message, but here's some planning I can share.

2008 sewing project list...
Now, this is certainly not a complete list, as I am constantly finding new things that look pretty enough to make... But it's enough to get me started. Several of the projects were already in my side-bar, so I'm going to try to re-arrange things a little around here so they make a bit more sense. I'm thinking tomorrow will be a time for reflection... But until then,

Happy New Year!


clap on...

Are you jealous? Yeah, I thought so. Well, sorry your boyfriend's brother didn't get you one. Because mine did. He bought one for all the brothers and sisters (and their girlfriends!). Nice.

But that's just the least of the Christmas loveliness I got. Everyone was so generous this year. Thanks! It was a nice holiday, but the weather was rotten. Fog, rain, ice, snow... And then yesterday another 6 inches of snow here. Yuck. It was a lot of running around and then I worked Christmas day too. So I'm glad to have this weekend off. I'm going to do a lot of sleeping. And clapping.


I am a professional baker.

Yes, that's right. Professional.

It was an absolute baking spree this morning. I did a toffee bar for my dad's family's Christmas. It's one of about ten kinds of cookies my Grandma used to make every year. And they're good. I also did Millionaire's Shortbread via Bake and Shake's fantastic blog. They're cooling in the fridge as we speak. The chocolate on mine turned out not as shiny and gorgeous as hers, but I am quite hopeful that they will still taste as good as hers look. Cuz they're full of caramel. And there's a couple sticks of butter in there. So yeah. They should be alright. Seriously though, between the two baking feats I managed today, I went through 5, yes 5(!) sticks of butter. Nice. And I will have you know, I did it all with my $5.97 (gasp!) Wal-Mart hand mixer. So yes, I'll say it again. Professional. Watch out Martha, you have been warned...

Now bring on the stretchy pants!


Hey, look what I won!

I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it!

I won an ipod shuffle from Bling On My Sewing Machine's blog. She did a give-away because all the members of her family have an ipod already. Generous, huh? A nice little Christmas surprise. Thanks Rachel (and family)!

In other news... It will NOT stop snowing here. We got another 6 inches of snow yesterday. Honestly, enough is enough! I'm a little worried about trying to drive home next weekend for Christmas festivities... We're going to go to my mom's Saturday and Eric's sister's for dinner Sunday. So the snow can stop any time now! I'm going to have a busy week too. I offered to make some cookies for my family's Christmas next week and I'm going to do some stuff to take to Eric's too. And of course work too... But that's enough complaining. The gift shopping, making and wrapping are all done. Now I just need to finish the grocery shopping and cooking!


no more blueprint!

Did you hear? Yeah, it's true.

Another magazine I actually read and enjoy is done. First it was Jane, and now Blueprint. There's a whole discussion going on over on Flickr in the Martha Stewart Group. Ugh. It just upsets me so much! I really looked forward to getting my Blueprint every month. So now I wonder what they'll do with the rest of my subscription. When Jane folded I got the remaining issues of my subscription switched to Glamour. Yuck. I figured Glamour was better than the $6 or whatever I had left on the subscription, but let me tell you... It wasn't. So I wonder if Martha will pony-up and give out issues of Martha Stewart Living or what. We shall see I guess. But in the meantime, I need to find something new and intelligent to subscribe to. It may take awhile...


Ooooh... A date.

Yeah. Pizza and a movie. Nice, huh?

We saw The King of Kong at The Times theater. It was actually a really good movie. It's a documentary about a guy who tries to break the record high score for Donkey Kong. Which sounds really lame. But it was a really good story. I laughed, I cried. It was good. Anyways...

It's snowing again! Another 1-3 inches tonight. I'm kind of over it. Pretty and all, but not that much fun to drive in. We did go pick up Christmas cards tonight though. So I'll have tomorrow to stay snowed in and address them. And I'm going to do some more sewing too. At least one more Christmas gift... I won't be able to post pictures, because that particular gift recipient peruses this blog occasionally... So you'll all just have to wait (all two of you, hah!).


oh fleece, how I love thee

Aren't these freaking adorable? They're made from the softest fleece ever. And they took about 15 minutes to sew. Seriously. Not having to worry about seams unraveling is so wonderful. Now they just need to get packed into that Christmas bag with the baby-doll and baby bottles (Sophie loves all things baby). Honestly, could that be any cuter? My uterus is aching just a little. Sigh.

But seriously, that's two things crossed off the list. An adorable hat and some Christmas stockings. Nice. Now on to hot pads and an apron...


Martha-ish, right?

Not as nice a background, but hey- it's a rotten apartment wall. I think I need a mantle. They're still cute though. And now you can't say I haven't done any Christmas sewing.

Thanks for the inspiration, Martha.

In other news, there is an ice storm going on in this part of the world today. Yikes. We went out for dinner in Eric's 4-wheel drive truck, and I still held on for dear life the whole time... I forget every year what it's like to have snow and such until the first storm hits and then remember... Winter in Wisconsin. Fantastic.