mmmmm bread!

Well obviously I'm a little behind the bandwagon with the whole blogging thing, so of course I'm behind the times with the no-knead bread. But I made my first loaf today and I just had to show it off a little. I baked it in the Martha pot of course. So without further ado...My loaf ended up more oval than round because it didn't spread itself out well in the bottom of the pot. I think it was my technique for dumping it in, but I imagine I will get more practice. I haven't cut it yet... So I may have to update this post with inside shots. But I couldn't wait to put up a picture or two! Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks. I also *love* the idea of taking pictures of all the things made in my pot like not martha, so I think I might start myself a set too. Mmmmm.... bread and pretty blue pot. What could be better?

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