pyrex and all-wheel drive

These are the latest and greatest... I especially love the snowflake dish. And speaking of snowflakes...Now that I traded in my car for something with all-wheel drive... I'm sure we won't get any for a long time! No, seriously according to all the best sources (The Farmers Almanac), we're supposed to get more snow this year than last. And since I got stuck in my own driveway several times last year... I decided it was time to suck it up and buy a grown-up car. Although I guess you can't really call it a "car" per-say. It's an '08 Nissan Rogue. Used though. And with my trade-in and everything, between the payment and insurance we'll save almost $200/month. And hopefully stay out of the ditch! I was SO sad today to leave my car behind though. I really loved it :(

Ah well... The sacrifices we make to live in the suburbs!!

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