the one where I talk about hair

I have never been one to care a whole lot about my hair. That's probably been pretty obvious to most people who know me. I have fine, thin-ish hair. It never does what I want it to do. So when I was pregnant it got a little thicker, and that seemed great. And then about 3 months after I had this adorable child it started to fall out. And I don't just mean shedding, it fell OUT. In clumps. And ropes, and piles, and plugged the drain. And then it stopped. But I was left with an Itty-Bitty pony-tail, and little baby hairs growing in all over the place. Great story, huh? You can see that here.
So the moral of this post is that now it is gone. I got it all evened up tonight. So my hair is CRAZY short. Shorter than I've ever had. I'm a little shell-shocked about it. I was going to try to post a picture, but I don't even think I can take one tonight... But I wanted to mention it, because some day I will look back on this and think boy, was I brave. And here's the evidence.
(I will put up a picture here at some point.)


Julie said...

I'm sure it looks cute! Although, I think that all the kick-ass girls have short hair.

adrienne... said...

thanks... this is even shorter than yours though!