"C" is for...

I guess "kitty" doesn't really start with a C.

Been a busy week so far... Summer has a way of doing that, doesn't it? Sunday we went to a going-away party for Eric's sister Jenni. She's moving to Texas! Brave girl. I couldn't move out of state... Had a hard enough time with Milwaukee, obviously! We got to spend time with the whole Stauffacher family, and that's where we got to see the cutie above. Yesterday we drove to Milwaukee after work to catch the Brewers get beat by the Cubs. Nice. It was embarrassing. Then we got to finish cleaning our apartment there. Last time we ever have to worry about a security deposit! Yay! And tonight we're going to see the newest Stauffacher... He was born Monday, so he's still a brand new little one. Hopefully I'll have some pics later. He's a cutie from what I've seen so far.

And it's only Wednesday! This week seems like it's 2 weeks long!

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