2 down, 4 to go

I'm so proud of myself! Yesterday I got a bug up my ass and painted the entire spare bedroom upstairs myself. It's the room for my sewing machine and our computer right now. I picked another Martha Stewart color and the match is pretty good. It is a little overwhelming right now, just a lot of green with nothing to break it up, but I'll hang some stuff up and add some curtains eventually.

I am LOVING a couple of new fabric collections right now (for curtains). Heather Bailey has a new collection, and Anna Maria Horner has a new one as well. Check out the link for Heather Bailey's... I love the music that goes with her slideshow! Now I just have to figure out which fabric stores in Madison will carry these beauties, maybe I can save myself the shipping costs.

I was noticing how it looks kind of goofy just having a picture of the paint color with nothing else in the picture the last two posts, but you'll have to bear with me. The rooms are still a MESS... Once I have this place put together a little more I'll put up a bunch of "after" pics.

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