well, I would blog more...

except I'm currently buried in a couple feet of snow! It is getting a little ridiculous here in Wisconsin. We have run out of room to pile it... My back is broken from all the shoveling... And I have got a mean case of cabin fever... But enough complaining! I have been busily making lots of cookies. My favorite molasses cookie recipe, lime meltaways, peanut butter cookies, and Angelettis.
I also made buckeye bars last week for Eric's family's Christmas. And it's funny. Because my favorite is still the molasses. You cannot beat that recipe. Thank you Martha. Although I do have to say I did not like the Angeletti cookie from her website very much... So she's not right all the time!

So tonight we're having Christmas eve here with Eric's immediate family. Although it might just be a few of us, because (of course) it's snowing again. I think I may go out and take a picture of our mailbox (it's buried in a 5 foot pile) before the freezing rain that's coming this weekend washes it away. It truly is a sight to see!

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