birds of worry

"The birds of worry and care fly above your head, this you cannot change. That they build nests there, this you can prevent."

I have been thinking about worry the past couple of days. Eric's sister had a friend disappear Monday. She just vanished from Mt Horeb of all places. How scary is that?? Well she's found now, but still... Makes you stop and think a little. The uncertainty her family must have felt. Nowhere to even start to look from...

And today at work I found out another nurse I work with (who's the same age as me) found out her husband has a brain tumor yesterday. And it's a big one too. He's having surgery tonight... So I'm worrying a little for them too. I can't even imagine having someone I love have that kind of uncertainty about their health, future. I hope, hope, hope he'll be OK. I'm trying not to let those birds nest... People with beautiful little babies aren't supposed to leave out of the blue... And girls my age should not have husbands with brain tumors. It's not OK. Not OK at all.


Julie said...

You are such a wise little girl. We are lucky to have such a thoughtful girlfriend in the family...since Leanna is gone I guess that leaves you!
When my friend Heidi was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago, I did the same kind of soul searching & questioning why...and I found that these things happen to help others notice their wonderfully imperfect lives. Things are not always great, but worry is such a waste of energy. Energy that could be spent living in the moment!!Because you NEVER know what is around the corner. Thanks for your cool blog.

adrienne... said...

Thanks Julie... And they found out yesterday it probably is cancer, but they're waiting for the pathology reports to see what to do for treatment. They said for the size of the tumor he had they couldn't believe he was walking and talking before surgery... So I guess that means he's a fighter? So scary. It definitely makes me appreciate things just a little more.