I was running errands today and it struck me... Why not go to the Mexican grocery store? Hence the homemade guacamole and El Rey's tamales. Yum. Not to mention Jarritos in a plastic bottle.

In other news... I think I'm going to try to start on the next sewing project today. I'm going to do the checkbook clutch from Amy Butler's In Stitches. Here's a good example of the finished clutch. I'm doing mine in black and white fabric. I think it will be a good size to take on short jaunts or for running errands. No need for a big bag, but it holds all kinds of cards, checkbook, etc. So I'll keep you updated. Hopefully I won't break my sewing machine on this Amy Butler project!

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Tina said...

I haven't had a Jarrittos in a long time. Good luck with the AB checkbook clutch. I found some really nice fabric for it. Towards the end when I went to attach the lining to the exterior, the lining was way to big. Not sure what I did wrong. Now it sits with the other 'need-to-be-finished' projects...hee hee hee