Ever been to Fun World?

Well, we have. Those lights you see there are the spokes of a FULL size indoor ferris wheel! We skipped the wheel, but did the indoor 18 hole mini-golf and played many, many arcade games. And ate pizza. All in all a very "fun" Fun World time. (by the way, I kicked Eric's ass at mini-golf!)

As a side note here, you may notice the snow scattered about on this picture... Right. It snowed another inch or two last night to add to the 17 inches we got the other day. Nice. I just wanted to mention the fact that my car has not been moved out of the underground parking spot it lives in since Tuesday except to confirm that it was stuck on Thursday morning by driving halfway up the driveway repeatedly and only spinning its wheels. At least I have a lovely boyfriend who has 4 wheel drive and is willing to drive me to work, huh? Ah, Spring, when will you arrive??

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