and you should too

I have to work from 7am to 7:30pm on Tuesday, which makes voting that day kind of difficult, so I trekked out into downtown today to vote "absentee in person." I don't want to make a huge deal about it, but I do want to say I'm supporting Obama. I feel like he is the candidate who honestly will try to make the "change" that everyone is stumping about actually happen. He has new eyes, and I hope he has not yet been jaded or influenced by the powers in Washington. So anyways, even if you don't support him, go out and vote on Tuesday (or before)... You'll get a rockin' sticker, and have your voice heard!

In other news... Shhhh! don't tell Eric, I got him a waffle iron for Valentine's day. Very romantic, I know. No, seriously, he's been on this kick about wanting good waffles, so I'm going to try to surprise him with a batch tonight. Wish me luck... I've never made waffles from scratch before.

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