wanna see it?

It's lovely.

It doesn't seem real yet, we don't close until July 3rd. I just hope everything is OK with the inspection and final financing. So nerve-wracking, you know? The yard looks much better now than in this picture. The grass is greener and the trees are budding. I'll take more pics (I stole this one from the MLS listing) when we go for the inspection this week. We went to Home Depot yesterday just to walk around and price stuff, and all I could think was that it was finally appropriate for me to be in that store... Being a "homeowner" and all :)

We'll see how happy I am in a couple of months after painting the thing and paying a mortgage payment!


Tina said...

Does it come with your own craft room?

adrienne... said...

Kind of. There's a small bedroom that's going to be mine for an office or craft room, but only until we have a baby :)