So our current landlord has been showing our apartment since we gave him notice a month and a half ago. Which is fine obviously, but it gets kind of old having the PLACE YOU LIVE shown and shown and shown and shown... Right. You can imagine I'm sure. Last week he was supposed to show it and the people showed up late, so poor Eric got barged in on by the landlord and lookers. Nice. So tonight he was supposed to show the place at 7:15. We come home at 7:40 and he's sitting out front in his car, then comes walking up to us, "uh, the girl can't come tonight, I'm going to show it tomorrow at 7:30." How about no? Right. I'm a tenant. I have no choice. You can come and look at my boxed up crap whenever you want to. Really, it's my pleasure...

So we will again be hiding out somewhere until 8:00. Fantastic.


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