long drive...

Honestly, it felt like all we did this weekend was drive... We went 2 hours to Mineral Point Saturday morning, took a quick break, about 2 more hours to Elkader, IA, then 1 1/2 hours back to Mineral Point Saturday night. And 2 more hours back to Milwaukee today. OK, that's enough driving for a little while.
This is the pond at the park in Elkader (and one of the frogs from the pond). It was a really nice little park with a great shelter and even a fireplace. There was confetti all over the place from a wedding, so obviously we weren't the only ones who thought it was a nice place... And really Elkader was quite a nice town. It has some cute little shops and antique-y kind of places. I found a fantastic dining table and chairs set but alas, no place to put it.
Here's the lovely model with her new skirt. Such a cutie, I can't even stand it.
It was nice to spend time with people this weekend, but now I feel like I have zero time to pack or get my shit together to move. Jamie is coming Tuesday to go to the State Fair, so I am going to meet up with her sometime too. Hmmm.... Maybe the packing fairies will come while I'm sleeping?? Right, or I guess I could just suck it up. I do think I found a place that will pick up the entertainment center and baker's rack.
So at least it's 2 less things to move. But a million minus 2 is... Pretty much still a million.


Kuky said...

Awww the skirt looks adorable!

adrienne... said...

Thanks! SHe was so cute about wearing it too. She told everybody she got it from me... And I'm pretty impressed when a 2 year old can say "Adrienne." It's a tough one!