the bag begins...

I have a feeling the Sophia Bag is going to be a project of drama. I don't know why I have this feeling... But I do.

I bought all the materials (which took me on a scavenger hunt to 3 different fabric stores and on-line) last weekend. But I'm still
waiting for the pattern! It was sent this week, so hopefully it will come in the mail today. But I have a quandary anyways. Polka dots for the inside or the outside? I was going to line it with the polka dots, but the fabric is quite a bit thicker than I thought. So I'm not sure what to do. I just hope that this is a doable project... I think it might be the test to see if I am still a "beginner" sewer, or if I'm moving up the expertise levels. We'll see...

We're off to Darlington this weekend. It's Eric's mom's Thanksgiving and a party for his Grandpa's birthday too. Should be fun. I just always dread the drive... Sigh.

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