bag saga continues...

OK, I feel a little less crabby about the broken sewing machine today. So I thought I would show a picture of what's done so far with the Sophia Bag. Well, there's more done than this... But the rest isn't as interesting to look at. Well, maybe this isn't that interesting either, but too bad. Look at it anyways! Because it was my first time making (or even using) piping. I think it looks pretty cool, and once it's put together it should look quite professional. I may have to use it more often... The sewing machine is supposed to be fixed sometime this weekend, so hopefully I can finish the bag by Sunday. Eric is going to spend a few days with his family, so I should have time... If the machine really gets fixed. *crosses fingers*

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McArt said...

Hi Adrienne

Your name was coming up in my Flickr statistics and I wasn't sure how to contact you, to ask about the reference?