clap on...

Are you jealous? Yeah, I thought so. Well, sorry your boyfriend's brother didn't get you one. Because mine did. He bought one for all the brothers and sisters (and their girlfriends!). Nice.

But that's just the least of the Christmas loveliness I got. Everyone was so generous this year. Thanks! It was a nice holiday, but the weather was rotten. Fog, rain, ice, snow... And then yesterday another 6 inches of snow here. Yuck. It was a lot of running around and then I worked Christmas day too. So I'm glad to have this weekend off. I'm going to do a lot of sleeping. And clapping.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, wow. That is hilarious! (And here I thought the Chia Pet my best friend's daughter got for Christmas was awesome. That's nothing next to The Clapper!)