Ooooh... A date.

Yeah. Pizza and a movie. Nice, huh?

We saw The King of Kong at The Times theater. It was actually a really good movie. It's a documentary about a guy who tries to break the record high score for Donkey Kong. Which sounds really lame. But it was a really good story. I laughed, I cried. It was good. Anyways...

It's snowing again! Another 1-3 inches tonight. I'm kind of over it. Pretty and all, but not that much fun to drive in. We did go pick up Christmas cards tonight though. So I'll have tomorrow to stay snowed in and address them. And I'm going to do some more sewing too. At least one more Christmas gift... I won't be able to post pictures, because that particular gift recipient peruses this blog occasionally... So you'll all just have to wait (all two of you, hah!).

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McArt said...

Oh that was okay leaving comment I just couldn't find any reference on your blog to mine and wondered why it was cross referenced in flickr. Whereabouts is it on your blog? If you like the devil hat it's on www.mcart.etsy.com, really cheap