Martha-ish, right?

Not as nice a background, but hey- it's a rotten apartment wall. I think I need a mantle. They're still cute though. And now you can't say I haven't done any Christmas sewing.

Thanks for the inspiration, Martha.

In other news, there is an ice storm going on in this part of the world today. Yikes. We went out for dinner in Eric's 4-wheel drive truck, and I still held on for dear life the whole time... I forget every year what it's like to have snow and such until the first storm hits and then remember... Winter in Wisconsin. Fantastic.


Julie said...
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Julie said...

Wow, they are really cute. I think one might even fit Eric's club foot!
Whatever that means.
Also, who can you make hats for? Hmm,let me think...Umm...yeah...No I can't think of anyone.
What is that you say Sophia, your ears are freezing? Well, gotta go treat Sophia's frost biten ears. Hope you can think of someone to make a hat for!!